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Paul Offenbacher was born again in his teens and dedicated his life to the Lord. He was discipled by John Day the adopted son of Smith Wigglesworth, so faith and a walk of faith is the foundation of his life in Christ. In his later teens he was drawn into the conflict in Southeast Asis. His first ministry was ministering the good news of salvation to the soldiers in the fields of combat. In the mid 70"s he and his childhood friend Herb Melton attended Church on the Way in Van Nuys California where they began playing guitar and bass for Jimmy Owens musical Come together and the TV special and U.S.tour of If my People.Teaming up with Richard Souther and Gene Gunnels they formed the group The band called David. This band was instrumental in the pioneering of Christian music today. The band toured extensively in the U.S  and Europe with The 2nd Chapter of Acts and Barry Mcguire finishing up with the release of the double live album called To the Bride. Paul  worked with artist such as Pat Boone, Debbie Boone, Dean Jones, Jamie Owens, and many others. Paul was a worship leader at Overcomers Faith Center and Thousand Oaks Christian Center, and played lead guitar at In His Presence Church while backing other artists. Currently, Paul has started his own ministry with the relesae of his first solo CD called Worthy

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